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Bananas, an ancient and much loved fruit, are one of the four world major crops, with global production at around 100 millions of tons annually. Although it has been well known that banana starch exists in green banana and it has very unique health functions in addition to its physical properties, it has not been utilized due to some difficulties in extraction of high quality banana starch from green bananas.

In 2013, VANTEK Corporation successfully developped its patented technology to produce high quality banana starch. This new technology led the commercial production of pure banana starch (trade name; Starch Plus) first in the world.

The banana starch is expected to be used as a functional food ingredient utilizing its unique health functions in addition to its basic phsical properties as a raw starch in health foods, functional foods, medical foods, foods for elderly people, etc.
  Starting Material : Green Banana

Banana is widely grown in the tropical and subtropical areas in the neighborhood of the equator, so called "banana belt". Green color of banana, when harvested, gradually turns to yellow by the enzymes inherent, and the starch is degraded into sugars in parallel. Accordingly, use of green banana as the starting material is needed for efficient extraction of banana starch.

VANTEK uses green bananas grown in Taiwan, the nearest famous habitat for the banana production from Japan.

  Major Component: Resistant Starch

Major component of banana starch is so called "resistant starch" which resists degestion in the small intestine of healthy humans. Although starch is used as a major energy source, there is an increasing desire for starch with no or less energy among health conscious people.

Green banana resistant starch is a new natural functional food ingredient develppped to meet such demands.

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Granule Shape / Appearance

Starch Plus® is a very pure natural raw starch extracted from green bananas. The starch granules is comparatively large in size, and the surface of green banana starch granules appears smooth. It is white powder with almost tasteless and odorless. The appearance of the banana starch granule is similar to those of other starches.

Green Banana
Resistant Starch
Nutrition Fact
 (not specifications)
 Test Item Results
(per 100g) 
 Water content  7.4g
 Protein  0.1g
 Lipid  0.1g
 Ash  0.1g
 Carbohydrate  92.3g
 Resistant starch 61.6g
   Lot# 150119
tested by :
Japan Food Research Labs

Product Description/ Properties 
 Product name Starch Plus®
 Ingredients Green banana(Taiwan) 
 Name Banana starch
 Category Food
 Storage Keep in dark and cool place
 Item  Standards
 Appearance White powder
 Flavor/ taste Almost tasteless and odorless
 Water cntent <10.0%
 pH(10% solution) 5.5~6.9 
            shipping style: 10kg acked in a poly bag
                  in one shipping carton box
Other studies
 Residual pesticides test Bacteriological test
 Heavy metals test Sulfur dioxide denial test
 Banana allergen test Cyclamate denial test
 Sporogenic bacteria test Gluten free test
 Nutrition analytical test Resistant starch analytical test

 Label Declaration

Banana starch
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Green banana resistant starch exhibits very unique functional properties in addition to its basic physical properties.

◆Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is the total amount of starch and the products of starch degradation that resist digestion in the small intestine of healthy people. (EURESTA, 1991). In some areas as EU contries, resistant starch is categorized as a dietary fiber. Resistant starch, with its unique health functions including the dietary fiber like actions, is a today's hot food material worldwide.

◆Major health functions of resistant starch

Besides the general properties as a natural starch, banana starch has very unique health functions shown as below:

Mostly go thorugh the stomach and small intestine undigested, and evenually reach the colon intact.
Low GI, insulin resisntance  
Fermented by intestinal microbes in the large intestine.
Selectively stimulates and activates the good intestinal microbes.
Dietary fiber like  
Through the fermentation, the good bacteria produce the nutritional source (butyrate) for the colonic cells.
These activated colonic cells support the healthy colon and eventually the health of the host.
Colonic health supporting  

Utilizing the unique health functions in addition to its own physical properties, potential markets for the banana starch include food for health conscious people, dietary foods, foods for elderly person, foods for obese/diabetes, medical foods and others.

   Use as health supplement:
  together with yogurt, granola,
  smoothies, etc.!
   Use as a natural functional food ingredient:

  replace other starches or wheat flour in
  cookies, breads cakes, etc.!
  Foods for
health concious
Foods for
diabetes and obese
Foods for
elderly people
Foods for
dietary uses
Medical foods  
Detailed introduction of Green banana resistant starch is Here (link).
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