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  ◆Contributions to human health via effective use of global resources.

Banana is one of the most abundant crops with annual global production of about 100 million tons. However,
20 to 30% of the green bananas production are destroyed each year, a waste of precious resource.

We believe soultions to global hunger lie in imaginative solutions to these waste issues. We have developped an efficient means of extracting banana starch from green bananas, and it is now possible to produce economical pure banana starch for the first time.

In addition to its nutrient properties, as a starch, banana starch is high in resistant starch, a type of dietary fiber with a variety of health functions.

Our motto is "The limited resources of the Earth are to be valued. Banana starch is a gift from nature."

We continue to devote ourselves to research and development for the many uses of banana starch worldwide.
    Katsuaki Hayashibara
President, Vantek Corporation

  ◆Research to real world application.

VANTEK CORPORATION was established in 2006 with the object of extracting banana starch from green bananas, researching its properties and functions, and commercially producing the green banana resistant starch.

Out long-term challenge, development of efficient extraction method, was accomplished in 2012, and the world first banana starch plant was completed in 2014 in Taiwan first in the world.

Research on banana starch
    June 2006                October 2012   November 2012  December 2012 March 2013
August 2013
October 2013 December 2013
March 2014
June 2014

March 2015
May 2015
October 2015
Founded in Okayama, Japan.
Started research on extraction of starch from green bananas.
Established the extraction method of starch from bananas.
Applied for the patents.
Started construction of banana starch plant in Taiwan.
Signed Agreement with Yongxin F&V Marketing A Cooperative.
Applied for the pantents in Taiwan.
Established "Banana Starch Research Society."
Filed Taiwan patents.
Completed construction of the banana starch plant (Taiwan).
Held press conference in Taiwan.
Exhibited at the Taipei Food Show.
Exhibited at FOODEX JAPAN 2015.
Held press meeting on launching of banana starch in Taiwan. 
Exhibited at Health and Ingredients 2015 (Tokyo).
Signed with Yongxin Corp.
Banana starch plant

    Address    1-11-9, Koseicyo, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0985 Japan
              (Phone) +81-86-225-2926
    Fundation     June 2006
    President     Katsuaki Hayashibara (Mr)
    Business areas R&D, manufacture and sales of foods

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